Artist's Statement

Janet Procure

artist statement
I am a collector of stories,  My work is designed to uncover, explore and relate the awkward edges of our ordinary stories and the side stories missed in an ordinary life by focussing on the other ordinaries: the subtext of our existence.

I find myself most attracted to materials encountered in our daily lives. These materials tell a story of our social values through what we do and what we use. Using these materials confronts their status and meaning through re-contextualization while allowing the viewer entry into the work.

Most recently I choose to express these stories through fibre.  Fibre is traditionally linked to our most intimate times – on our bodies, in our homes – and is often seen as a women’s medium.  By exploring our humanity in fibre, I am trying to emphasize our common human experience so that nothing remains solely as a women’s experience, an intimate experience or “my “ experience

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